Dr. Mozayeni Co-Authors Paper Indicating Bartonela henselae May Cause Joint Infection and Degenerative Osteoarthritis

The article: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10067-016-3524-2 This paper reports evidence of B. henselae infection found in the blood, the head of the femoral bone, and synovium in a patient’s hip joint replaced due to severe end-stage degenerative osteoarthritis. The authors propose that osteoarthritis of the hip (and possibly of other joints) may result from chronic, low-grade infections by organisms that, until recently, have been extremely difficult to grow in cultures or otherwise detect. They suggest that this possibility...

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New Bartonella Test Finds Chronic, Rheumatoid disorders linked to Cat Scratch Disease Bacteria

09-10-2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New Bartonella Test Finds Chronic, Rheumatoid disorders linked to Cat Scratch Disease Bacteria Testing now available to physicians and veterinarians at Galaxy Diagnostics, Inc. Research Triangle Park, NC – Research published in the journal of Emerging Infectious Disease in June 2012 supports an association between Bartonella infection and rheumatological symptoms. The researchers tested 296 immunocompetent patients for evidence of Bartonella infection. Bacteremia with one or more Bartonella species was found...

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Bartonellosis: Diagnosing a Stealth Pathogen

Ed Breitschwerdt. NC State professor of veterinary internal medicine Ed Breitschwerdt has spent the last couple of decades working with Bartonella, bacteria historically associated with “cat scratch disease.” Bartonella is increasingly recognized as a cause of persistent intravascular infection that can result in severe health effects. Research from Breitschwerdt’s laboratory and others has led to the discovery of more than 30 new Bartonella species, as well as numerous chronically infected animal “reservoirs” for the bacteria and a variety...

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