Dr. Mozayeni, in collaboration with the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Intracellular Pathogens Research Laboratory, has recently published in the CDC’s peer-reviewed journal, Emerging Infectious Disease, the largest case of persistent Bartonella spp infection in humans.  This ground-breaking work was made possible by technology developed by Professor Ed Breitschwerdt and his team, making it possible to diagnose infections caused by this difficult to grow and detect microbe genus.

You may read this publication at: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/18/5/11-1366_article.htm

This report represents the largest number of cases reported in humans in any study to date. More importantly, it reflects the largest number of patients identified and treated by the same attending physician. To our knowledge, no other clinician is even close to having this level of experience with persistent Bartonella spp. infection.

This is the fourth paper on Bartonella spp. that Dr. Mozayeni has published with this investigative team.  Two more papers on Bartonella have been submitted for peer review and are pending.  These will be announced upon acceptance by the journals to which they were submitted.