TMG Philosophy Of Care

At Translational Medicine Group (TMG), our philosophy is simple.  Our guiding principles are:

  1. The body is a whole, including mind, body and spirit. Rather than focusing purely on individual symptoms, we look deeper to understand and address problems where they originate. Our goal is more than treating illness.  We want to help you to return from chronic illness to chronic wellness.  We are rigorous and comprehensive in our investigation of your health and our protocols are based on scientific research and clinical observation.
  2. The doctor-patient relationship is a partnership.  We strive to fully understand your medical needs and to provide treatments that serve you.  We are most successful when you participate in your care by openly communicating with us and ensuring we have the data we need to make informed decisions.
  3. You know your body better than anyone.  So we listen carefully to you and combine what we learn with evidence-based data and clinical experience to ensure we have a complete understanding of your symptoms and any other challenges you face, throughout your treatment.
  4. Two heads are better than one.  At TMG, our practitioners work as a team using a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary approach to provide a full range of assessments and treatments.  We believe that when practitioners work together to bring multiple healing modalities together, healing occurs more quickly, with longer lasting results.  A Treatment Team Leader is assigned to each new patient to facilitate communication amongst your treatment team and to help you understand how each body system participates in your illness and treatment.
  5. A strong foundation enables sustainable healing.  There is an Ancient Ayurvedic proverb that says: “When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.  When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”  We believe that a healthy gut is foundational to overcoming illness and achieving optimal health.  As Board Certified Nutritionists, our Treatment Team Leaders work with you to optimize your gut function, to form habits that support sound sleep and healthy stress management and to identify and remove other obstacles (such as food allergies and genetic anomalies) that might hinder successful treatment.

At TMG, your healing is our primary focus.

As we work together, please know that you and your caregivers
will always be treated with compassion and respect.